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Favorite Hunting Pack Item

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OK I was wondering what you may like to put in your pack. We all have our favorite items and I was curious as to what you like to carry with you. Of course we all carry rope, a compass, etc... But is there something that you like to carry with you that isn't necessarily a must for everybody but a must for just YOU??

I would have to say I need at least one Slim Jim in my pack...
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Other than the essentials if I don't plan on at least going back to the truck for lunch I carry a small can of B&M baked beans with me.
Anyone who would carry B&M Baked beans has got to be a frickin Mainah!!
I don't even bother with a pack! I just stuff sh*t in pockets all over. Usually have the compass slung around my neck, very small folding knife in belt sheath but that is alwys there, 30' of 1/8" nylon, but I almost always have some cheese and saltines and just maybe on a good day, some smoked oysters!
smoked oysters? Nice! :wink:
Yeah Steve, and not the GV crap from walmart!
This past fall I bought a new hunting vest from cabela's. That thing has pockets in places I didn't think you could put a pocket.

One of the reasons I bought it was so I could get rid of my fanny back that was killing my bad back. This thing worked out awesome. I should have invested the money in one long before this.
Okay guys....I have a McGiver vest as well and leave the pack at home. I also pack a small recorder.......lets me create an audio journal of things I see and what I need to remember for the next hunt in there. I use a clip on mike from radio shack since the recorder is voice activated. Lets me savor the experience and retain the details to be prepared.
Hey now that is one I haven't heard. I like that idea. I'm the type of person who would go back to listen later that evening and find I had sung Sweet Home Alabama or something and never remember doing it.

Plus I hate the sound of my own voice.. :lol:
Comes in handy when a buddy tells you a whale story and then later feeling foolish tries to deny it.........hold on's that tape and hear is what you had to say about your mother-in law too.
here's that tape and hear is what you had to say about your mother-in law too.
I agree, it could come in handy but I know darn well it would be me who slipped and said something about my mother inlaw... :lol:
I wouldn't worry......usually when I hunt she is the last thing on my mind. But I know some fellas can't get theirs out of their minds. Mine's okay.....she doesn'y give me nightmares like some do.

But the recorder helps me to keep the details straight......
...............and yes it has an off button.
Strangest Backpack item????

Okay who has something really weird.............. lucky elks foot?
I must confess I carry a small journal and pen
I do carry swipe paper in a ziplock!
I might forget my bullets, but I'll never go into the woods without tp!
I carry Tp in Camo........don't want to shot as deer tail.....while resting on the log. Remember Karen Wood and her white mittens? Better safe than sorry.
Yeah! Something like that could scare the.........well, never mind!
Very Funny!!!!!!
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