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  1. [​IMG]DSCF0004 by don lynch, on Flickr
    I'm pretty sure this is the same one, he now sleeps with the fishes. this morning I decided to hunt the bait with no calling. after about 20 mins a coyote came out and trotted down the edge about 150yds away, my hands got all balled up in my mitten gloves, it was very cold, anyway he got by me. I waited another 2 hours and was just starting to get up when this one came out from where the other had disappeared, this time I was a bit more ready, when he stopped to take a leak I thumped him at 161yds he's 32.6lbs. from my trail cam pics I think it's the same one I've got in a bunch of pics. it was quite cool when it came out again
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  2. [​IMG]WGI_0550 by don lynch, on Flickr
    I think this is him before he got to be a good coyote
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    Awesome. Well done sir.
  4. Great! You got him, alright. The most coyotes I've seen were down in Georgia where I'm from and lived for 62 years. But I only shot one (1)! Most were about the size of the one in your photo; but I saw some that were considerably larger. Got any idea why there were larger ones?
  5. wish I had a good answer for you, but it's like people some are big and some are small. with coyotes the older smarter dogs get more to eat, they're better hunters and when on a kill they're more aggressive and get more bites. hope that helps.
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