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First Bear Hunt

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Gonna be making my first bear hunt. Got a guide in P.I. who now owns the gun shop up there offered me a free hunt. He said he's too busy with the store to take on clients, but just loves to bait and take pictures with the trail camera. Told me if I could sit still he'd get me one at least 350. Better start practicing those 15 yard shot from 12 feet in the air!
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Sounds like a good time! Get pics man, get pics.
Presque Isle Maine..............

Tweedie we have to talk.............your first?
Can you find your way to Houlton?
Looking to put some bear hunters together.
I think I can find my way to Houlton AB. Just north of Portland right? I pretty much become a resident of Haynesville every Fall.
Looking to hunt hard this job at night gives me days to hunt.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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