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First Miss of the Season

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Wish I'd been a lefty yesterday afternoon. Took a walk through an abandoned apple orchard yesterday out in Western NH trying to get me a bird. The rasberry and thorn vines have made it nearly impossible to walk through the interior of the orchard and the first bird I saw was just a glimpse of a head and grass moving as it ran under an awfull patch of thorn bushes. The second one should have been a gimme standing about 20 feet to my right, but my trusty ole .410 got hung up on a vine and had to take a wing shot that missed its mark. Oh well, I got out in the woods and worked my leg muscles.
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nice going Steve! Yeah I can picture just the kind of habitat you were in
Its just plain ignorant is what it is.
:roflmao: yeah we've all been there done that
I'm still picking thorns out of my legs. I had a good one get stuck in my lip that I had to pull out with my teeth. That was when I decided I'd had enough.
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