First stag hunt of 2005

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    Joe Williams a taxidermist from Virginia harvested this 16 point stag on 9/2/05. Joe is going to do a full body mount and display this in his den/ museum. Joe saw numerous stags, hinds and lambs before he saw this one. He was very pleased :).
  2. That is very impressive! :D

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    Albert Sacco an elk guide from Utah scored on this 14 point stag on 9/10/05. We hunted hard to get this wary stag.
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    He looks like he's been around the block or time or two. Nice going.
    What a beauty!
  5. Joe Williams sent these words after his hunt:

    To anyone wanting to go on an excellent Red Stag hunt at a reasonable price, I highly recommend Mark Luce, who owns Hindsite Red Deer Hunt Preserve. My name is Joe Williams and I am a professional taxidermist in Chesapeake, Virginia. When booking hunts, I look for quality in the game I hunt. Mark really has top quality Red Stags.

    I can't say enough about the help Mark gave me in collecting a very nice animal for a full body mount. He took the time to make my hunt exactly what I was looking for. For more information feel free to call me at (757)547-4833.

    Joe Williams
  6. That is a great success story. Mark, if any of these guys who hunt with you have stories make sure they submit them to us. Any success stories we receive from them who hunt at your preserve... we will link to your site from those stories wherever your name pops up. :wink:
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    Dan Nocito from New York and his 13 point stag taken on 9/17/05


    Dan and hunting buddy Mike Wedlick and his 14 point stag also taken on 9/17/05.
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    Bob Deveny from Portland Oregon and his 18point stag.

    Bob is the President of the Portland Oregon chapter of SCI ( Safari Club International)
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    Rod Holman :grin: from Maryland harvested this 300" 20 point stag on 9/23/05
    The bases were over 11 inchs :grin: !
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    Rod Holmans brother in-law Michael Paoline took this nice 14 pointer.

    With Michael is Master Maine Guide Bob " Radar" Applebee