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First time maine hunt

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Hello just wondering if someone could answer a few questions ,I am from pennsylvania, and am planning a hunting trip to maine ,is White Mountain national forest open to public hunting? Is there state game lands like here in Pennsylvania? any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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Hey Jump - welcome to our board. Maine is a unique place when it comes to hunting. For the most part, public and private lands are open to hunting with exceptions of course.
Posted lands are obviously off limits unless it says by permission only. There are some sanctuaries that are closed to huniting but very limited and are listed in the law book you would get with a license.
The White Mountain National Forest is open to hunting unless specifically designated closed.
Maine has millions of acres that belong to paper industries etc. that remain open to the public and we all need to make sure we can do everything possible to ensure it stays that way.
A rule of thumb that would be good to follow. If you're not sure whose land you want to hunt on, find out and get permission.
That's it is a nutshell. Good luck!
Oh, State Parks are closed to hunting for the most part and for obvious reasons.
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