First year coyote hunting, any tips.

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  1. So I got my gun ( 223 savage axis), my call, my thermals, and 2 yotes on the trail cam last week.
    Going out for the first time friday/ Saturday. Looking for any pointers from all types of hunters.
    No bait, but have a butcher shop down the street with plenty of guts and bones. Should I put out pile or wait to see if any show themselves with the call.
  2. do you have room in your dooryard for a bait, you'll need over 100yds and no neighbors in the way. safety safety safety motion detectors and a way to get light out there. bait at your home is best cause you're there if you're just going to call that's cool and I like it more. for calling, watch the wind, good camo, and be prepared for failure. if it wasn't for failure I wouldn't be successful at anything. you'll have to be persistent. setups are best over large open areas. sit in shadow as opposed to sunlight

  3. Thanks for the tips. Wish I had the land to bait them up but that is in the future. I bought cheaper electronic call.
    I have no problem with being perstistant, I am good at that, lol.
    Is there certain time of day that seems better for activity. Dawn? Dusk?
    Sorry about all questions but I have seen some pics of your success and never pass up a opportunity to pick a experienced hunters brain. Thanks again.
  4. Finally got one to come to a low volume rabbit distress. Super exciting to see. Didn't get a shot due to where I went is shotgun only. He came in from cross wind detection and didn't even notice he was there. Never heard him even as he took off running. I think we saw each other at the same time and were both startled. When I headed back to truck, I found 2 sets of tracks in the snow. Just below a little knoll, that were not there coming in . Very exciting afternoon. I was getting frustrated thinking everything I was doing is wrong. I think I just need slow down and lower volume on calls a little bit.
  5. hi glad you had some action, you asked before about cover scents, well forget them and just watch the wind. remember every time you make sound with the call ,they will react in some way if they're there to hear it, are you in southern or northern maine? one thing to remember is that every place has it's honey hole where they are comfortable, and that's where you want to be. any questions just ask away.
  6. I'm am in southern maine. Saco/Biddeford/Dayton area. I am also going to get to the Sebago /Naples area in a couple weeks. Right now I am hunting some pretty urban areas. Mostly expanded archery areas.
    I have heard and read a lot about locating howls, challenge barks and what not. Not quite sure when and how to use them, but I have them on my machine. I have been sticking to the rabbit distress and squirrel distress because I know both are in the area. Should I throw them in the mix?
  7. locating howls are good to use now and then, but barks are not good since they signal, I don't use them. friendly sounding female howls and long invitational howls are way better. you can't go wrong with lip squeaks and other distress sounds
  8. Thanks Dlynch. I have been using the cottontail destress and sqeaks. I think I am going to give it a shot with the howls. I have a bunch on my caller. But I did get skunked again last Saturday. Did have a hawk fly over and swoop at my mojo decoy for 5 minutes before moving on. That was neat. I am seeing tracks in the mud still a long the brooks and scat in every area I am setting up in . But just can't seem to get them moving. Going to head back to where I had the one and only coyote show itself
    I let the spot alone for 2 weeks. Keeping my hopes up for the first coyote.
    Does anyone drive the back roads and howl to locate packs or individual yotes at night? Seen on a couple different sites with guys locating coyotes the night before to hunt at dawn. Truck scouting I guess you would call it.
  9. yes I've done it. one of my first dogs I got that way