For the first time in my life I don't have a place to hunt

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  1. I lost my spot on a small hunting lease that I had been a part of for the last twenty years. I am in a panic about where to hunt this fall!
  2. Hi Guns,

    Sorry to hear that! :(

    You may have to come North come November and do a little huntin' with us Mainuhs, Ayuh!

    How come you lost it?

  3. Well it was like this.

    My brother had rights to hunt on approximately 2,000 acres of land because he rented a house on the property and had a good relationship with the owner. That owner died and her heir was not as friendly toward my brother, but we at least could continue to hunt there for a nominal fee - $400 for us both.

    About three years ago, my brother (who long ago quit actually hunting) fooled around and forgot to renew the lease. As a result it passed on to another tenant who was even less amicable than the owner. I was real upset since the property has always been prime hunting land and I didn’t have to share hunting rights with anyone. I had the entire 2,000 acres to myself.

    I managed to wrangle a spot in the “new” hunting club for myself and my 15 year-old son to the tune of $300 each per season. It really sucked because now there were a total of six hunters that I had to share space with, and I was considered the junior member. Consequently we got what were considered the poorest stands. (They actually weren’t, but the newbies to the property didn’t know the area as well as I knew it.)

    Last season, my son and I were walking along a dirt road about mid-morning after coming off our stands. Josh was carrying my lever action Marlin 30-30. He is a really well trained shooter/hunter, and I long ago stopped worrying about such things as gun safety around him.

    Up ahead of us the club’s managing partner came around the curve in his truck headed our way. When the man was maybe a quarter of a mile away from us, my son had an accidental discharge with his rifle! I was horrified naturally. It was totally out of character for Josh to be that careless. A moment later the club’s manager stopped his truck where we were and asked if we had just heard a shot nearby. With great trepidation I lied and said that I heard one down in the deep thicket to our right. We talked on another couple of minutes and the guy went on his way.

    A couple of days ago my brother called to say that the club manager had stopped by his house and asked him to let me know that I needed to pull my stands off the property before the season opens up. He offered as his excuse that the club had gotten “too big”.

    Well I know why he did it. And guess I don’t blame him. He couldn’t possibly know that Josh is not generally unsafe with firearms and that it was really an aberration. But the end result is the same. I have no place to hunt for the first time in 25 years.

    Your offer to hunt up there in Maine sounds mighty tempting.
  4. Moose


    Lease the way in the south

    I hate you lost your place to hunt. When I moved to NC I knew basicly no one so the first few years hunting was hard. Here they run ads in the newspapers for clubs looking for members which is one way but not always the best. I'm in 4 leases and they are all through folks I have met while hunting or talking about hunting.
    I know other people who have been able to find places through people they meet at church, civic clubs, work etc. I have a couple of places I can hunt because I helped folks with problems they were having. One guy has pecan trees that the crows tear up so I got in on helping him control them and now he lets me take a couple of deer off his land each year if I want to. Another farmer has trouble with geese and now coyotes so he lets me hunt for them there. He won't let me deer or turkey hunt on that land but he has a tract of land 30 miles from there that he invites me to turkey and deer hunt a few times a year on.
    Talked to a guy the other day that the tree rats are tearing up his pear trees wants me to come out there and get them. If your willing to help folks believe me the word gets out there.
    I guess if you get out there and just listen to folks who have a problem that you maybe able to help them with it might lead to some great opportunities.

    Good Luck and I hope things work out for the up comming season.
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    That's too bad Gun. Wish I had a remedy for you. I've lived in Florida about 5 years now and still can't figure out how to go hunt deer say nothing about finding a place.

    Hunting in Maine is a whole lot different than hunting in Florida or many other places.

    I plan to go to Maine the first week of deer season - end of October into the first week of November. I go to a hunting camp with friends. Been doing that for 30 years this year. Perhaps I could stay up another week and go to my own camp and have a hunting trip with Maine Hunting Forum members. Camp will sleep about 6 - 8 although 4 would be ideal.

    Your only cost would be transportation to Maine, a non-resident hunting license, about $100 and chip in for food.

    We could show you some real hunting - much different than here in the south.
  6. Hey that sounds like a good plan. I couldn't guarantee that I would be there but I sure would try to make plans.

    I am really looking forward to some good serious hunting this season...
  7. SJ


    Always bad to lose your hunting spot. I still don't have anywhere to hunt here in MS yet. Lots of clubs available it is just knowing which one is best and if you can afford the good ones.
  8. That's mighty nice of you, and I might indeed take you up on that next year if the offer still stands. I have always wanted to vist that area of the country. And HUNTIN beats visiting anytime! :lol:

    Followup to the story:

    I did get into a club along the Florida/Ga line that butts up to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Preserve. 11,000 acres and 40 hunters, most of whom are from south Florida. I've scouted the property on two sucessive weekends, and it looks promising. I'll let y'all know.
  9. Guns, I guarantee you would have a great time hunting up this way. :wink:
  10. I wonder if we can all understand our respective dialects? I know you Mainers have quite a distinct way of speaking, and I know that I have as deep a southern accent as you'll ever hear. You reckon communication would be any problem? :lol: