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For those who like Tequila

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Remember it is like one small glass per day. I wouldn't have any more than 3 or 4 ounces. I have actually heard about this from other reliable sources about the therapeutic qualities of Tequila...

Tequila for health

Alexander Perez Editor-In-Chief

Tuesday, July 4, 2000

Tequila is considered healthy if used in moderation. Like wine it increases the good cholesterol levels in our blood while decreasing the bad cholesterols.

In recent studies conducted by The University of Guadalajara, tequila has shown to have therapeutic properties. For starters, tequila can be used as a relaxant. A small glass can be consumed before going to sleep so the person can feel relaxed and at ease. With moderation, it is a proven fact that it reduces the levels of cholesterol in the blood since it helps dissolve the fats.

According to Rodolfo Gonzalez of Tequila Mayor, tequila optimizes our cardiac functions, it is a good digestive aid and it combats against stress. He did warn that this is not an excuse to over drink. Gonzalez recommends a small glass per day before, during or after a meal, but if you end up drinking half the bottle, the effects will not be favorable.

Many tequila producers are convinced of the health benefits. Sauza, for example, reports that tequila made with Weber blue agave is low in carbohydrates therefore not fattening and it will not clog your arteries. Nevertheless, it is emphasized that one must exercise moderation and drink responsibly in order to achieve the therapeutic benefits.

Even the Koreans believe in the benefits of tequila. They consider the agave to be a close cousin to the Sábila, where ginsen is extracted, which has demonstrated great therapeutic qualities.

I'll drink to that.
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