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Four guys rob me of my Raccoon feeder

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guess I want to share this with people from this Forum, to get some input.

In retrospect I don't think that my action was proper at all. It could have cause me a lot of trouble.
But my intention was to scare and not to harm anyone.
Without further words...

The house is next to a piece of woods and calling the police is a waste of time, they come after the fact with all lights and sirens blaring and any crook can hear they coming a mile away, and retreat.

My dog was barking bloody murder recently, I can tell for the way he barks when an animal or a person is lurking in the woods near the house.

My procedure is exit the house by the farther exit, (in this case the garage door) and circle around quietly until I am in position to evaluate the situation.

The dog also appreciates the moral support of my presence.

I wear dark clothes and a dark watch cap just for those intrusions.
My gun is a 1911 with Laser Grips and extra magazines loaded with Federal's Hydra-Shocks 230 grains. I have a cell phone and a radio to communicate with the house to let then know what is going on.

My flashlight is one of my modifications, the MAG 951 II (1050 "real" lumens)
Thirty times more powerful than a regular Maglite 3 D on which is based, even more powerful than the 1 million candlepower spotlight.

Unfortunately two of the culprits were going away with the price when I switched on the light, they were already 35 or 40 yards into the woods and started running when I put the light on them, two others guys were close and half blinded they tangled in the bushes and thorns in escaping, a couple shots from my pistol slamming in the tree near by, hasting they departure.

The price was my raccoon feeder with 5 pounds of corn (don't laugh, made by my hands it was a masterpiece) in exchange I got a nice 18 volts Ryobi drill-screwdriver and a set of pliers.

Neighbors are far away enough than shooting even the entire night will not bother them, calling police for a stolen feeder will serve only for something to joke around in the squad room.
I guess the raccoons will go hungry this winter.

black bear
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Had you actually hit one of the theives you would have been in a heap of trouble. Defense of your property is no longer considered appropriate by the legal system. The use of lethal force requires that you are faced with a threat to your safety or someone (like a family member) else's safety.

Having said that, I think the laws need to be reworked to allow defense of one's property. Those punks had no business coming on to your property and stealing your posessions. Frankly if it wasn't for the legal issues, I would say too bad you didn't drop them right there.
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