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From the Woods to the Den....Good job Joe !!!!

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Joe Williams a taxidermist from Virginia harvested this 16 point stag on 9/2/05. Joe is going to do a full body mount and display this in his den/ museum. Joe saw numerous stags, hinds and lambs before he saw this one. He was very pleased :).

The finished mount in Joe's Den, which is nearly filled to capacity !!!

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That mount is frickin awesome man! Excuse the 80s lingo but it is!
Of course it is hard to see the finer points of the work but the pose etc. is impressive.

Thanks for posting that picture.
Nice! 8)
Joe was a first class client and I wish he lived closer because he does real nice work. Joe is enjoying his retirement from the phone company. He began his taxidermy while still climbing poles and repairing lines. His den is loaded with just about every North American big game species, plus exotics , birds, predictors , a weasel, mink, otter and even a large snapping turtle. He is a professional from the get go. ......Oh yea , and a nice full body white tail buck.

His desire to hunt a red stag began while he was in college. Joe even painted a red stag while in college which hangs in his den. It was surely a pleasure to have met Joe and I hope to see him again someday. He and his wife really liked Maine and vow to return !

If anyone is from the Chesapeake Virginia area and wants to see his trophy room or use his taxidermy service you can reach Joe at (757)547-4833.

You will not be disappointed . :lol:
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The Stag looks nice but I'm more interested in the whitetail antler (and what it's attached to) in the bottom picture!
Very nice mark! One word: COZY
Dang nice room! Thanks for the pics, Mark.

Here is Joe (center) as he prepares to cape the head. Joe is being assisted by Registered Maine Guide Bob Applebee (left) and Myself on the right.

I've caped a lot of heads but Joe showed me a real time saving tip. He uses a large flat head screwdriver to help remove the cape from the peticle area. It is a great way to accurately cape a difficult area. Once you get it started you use a hammer and tap the screwdriver and follow the antler base. It works great , I was useing a small caping knife and the results were good but it took a lot longer...... The screwdriver method can save a half hour of work !
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Nice trophies.....fantastic IRA retirement fund as well. He does fantastic work!!
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