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  1. This has been building up for the last few years......glad to see the prices getting back to where a fella can make some cash.

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    Why is this happening. I don't know that much about the fur trading business. Neil Olson kept his secrets from me.
  3. Over the last few years we have seen more and more eastern block countries and the Russians purchasing more and more of the furs. None of the trappers I know are holding furs back. Now we have the Asian markets competing against the Eastern Europeans. All of them want to look like rich Americans/Europeans. As their countries grow more affluent and Americanized. You know we won the Cold War.......but they buy the furs.
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    Okay, thanks! I wonder do these countries support or prohibit trapping and hunting?
  5. The countries are very poor in the rural areas...its the neuvo-rich of the fashionable cities that are after the fur. Most of these countries don't allow "the right to keep and bear arms"........but they are slowly turning away from communism and oppressive regimes. They are becoming more free enterprise and commercial.
  6. The immediate cause for the price increase is that the excess (unsold) fur held over was sold in the recent past and none remains. That and the fact that the prices have been coming down to the point that a trapper has to spend more to maintain a trapline that he gets in return so a lot of trappers stopped going out!
    To catch ONE lousey beaver takes on average, 3 to 5 hours of work. That is driving time to & from TWICE, time looking for the 'set', time to set the trap and disguise it and time to hike back out of the woods carrying whatever was caught.
    Now come the work...Time to skin, (I'm not that fast) and flesh the hide clean, stretch it onto a board or hoop then take it off when dry and bag for market.
    Now you have to wait a couple months to find out you just cleared after 11% auction fee, fur prep fee, magazine subscription, shipping fees, etc...
    Wow! $9.32

    A few years ago the muskrat prices fell hard between the time I trapped and the time I sold. My gas bill was nearly double my fur check!

    Who wants to trap with me next year???
  7. Let me get my license back...been a couple years so I have to take the trappers course. Went from trapping to Coyote hunting.......made more on the yotes per fur hour. Selling most of them green to a fella in Patten. Not to mention the added 10/12 for coons I accidentally called, and some foxes, at 15.00+. Would love to trap again........
  8. Thats great that prices are going to be up this year. I dont trap any more but neighbor does. He caught over 200 beaver and 26 otter. Atleast he'll make some money for all the time he puts into trapping.
  9. My first post here.
    The reason fur has been down the past few years was the European Country has had mild winters. This year in Siberia alone it has been the coldest on records.
    The climb was helped by the Asian market as they have figured out how to work with furs.
    John Porter