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Glad to be back

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A day without Maine Hunting Forums is worse then a day without sunshine :wink: Glad you got it back up. Thanks guys for your hard work.
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Yeah it's great to be back up and running again. What a mess. What really pisses me off is that people don't have anything better to do than spend their time trying to sabotage somebodies business - get a life.
We now have this site on our new server and hopefully this is supposed to be more secure than the old one.
Thanks for the patience
I hate nothing more than these bastards who live in their mom's basement and feel they have nothing better to do than screw up other people's computers. I think there should be a hunting season for hackers, and the A Holes who create viruses, no bag limit either. :D
Yea, great to be here again. What a drag that was. Well these forums are on a good server.. the same one Maine Hunting Today is on and we haven't had any problems over there. (knock on wood)
Thanks for the "CPR" guys, great work!
And here's a big raspberry to whoever hacked the server. :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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