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Global Warming - Who Buys It?

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We just got an email for the regional something or other of the National Wildlife Federation in Vermont pointing us to a new website, which upon further review shows it is a sister site of the NWF. The site is
The sister site if you look close enough, is called National Wildlife Action.

The email wanted us to take a look at the results of a recent survey done by the NWF on global warming with hunters and fishermen. Find the story here at this link.
The results or at least some of them are found here at Field and Stream.

I want to know what our readers think.
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There is little doubt there is global warming currently going on. That much is settled. The question is to what extent is it the result of green house gas emissions. There is strong evidence to point to support the existence of global warming including higher average temperatures world wide, increased activity of the sun, etc. Whether or not the impact of pollution on this warming is significant is debatable.

I am not convinced of the impact of emissions on the warming, however, in principle, reduction of emissions is an admirable goal, as we should take care of the environment if for no reason other than the fact that we have to live in it. Reduction of emissions can be accomplished with current technology such as the Turbo Diesel Injection system used by VolksWagon which delivers 50mpg without any quirky hybrid crap. Ironically the system is not readily available in the us due to emission standards, it does however, meet european standards......go figure.
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