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God's Phone

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A Rhode Island man was making a trip to Northern Maine to do some hunting. As he crossed the border into MA he saw a golden pay phone on the side of the road with a sign that said "Talk to God". He pulled over and picked up the phone and dialed the operator. When the operator answered she said please deposit $4,000 to talk to God... Not having $4,000 he hung the phone up and continued driving. As he crossed the Border into New Hampshire he saw another golden pay phone with the sign "Talk to God". Again he pulled over and the operator told him it would cost $4,000 to talk to God. The same thing occurred once he crossed the Maine border in Kittery. As he made the long drive North on I-95 the man crossed into Aroostook County and saw another golden pay phone. Needing to relieve himself and stretch he pulled over to the side of the road. While stretching his legs he decided to try the phone again just for giggles. When the operator picked up she said "please hold to talk to God". He quickly asked the operator how much it would cost. Her reply was "this call is free because your in God's country".
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How does that saying go? It must be God's country, nobody else would live there.

Good story!
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