Got pictures of you with Your Trophy?

Discussion in 'Maine Hunting' started by Hannah, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Hi, I'm looking for pictures of you or your buddies posing with your trophy. Type of animal and pose don't matter, I'm looking for a range.

    I'm going to turn one or more of the pictures into a painting, which I'll send a high quality image of to the person's I pick!

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  3. Sounds kind of fishy there kid......smell s like a PETA scam. There are lots of images right on Google. Unless of course you offering a fee to a hunter for use of his image with assurance that you are not an animal rights fruity!!
  4. Think I've been "Cecil'd"?
  5. Promise it's not, I'm doing a project where I need an image of hunters. Being from Maine myself, I was hoping to get images that are more specific than just google- that have more of a story that I can connect to. If you're not comfortable with sharing your images, I understand.

  6. Not sure what that is, but nope!
    Here's your picture with an actual canvas with another image that someone sent me. 20151108_101123.jpg
  7. IN these days of Peta and HSUS interference I am cautious about sharing hunting images that could be used against hunters.......THat's Cecil'd. Saying your with when your against. Looking to show hunting in a slobbish or negative light using our own pics against us.

    If you are an artist looking to paint pics....seems cool but be straight and say so. The lack of information.....makes it sketchy. Not to mention there are copyright laws for original images that need addressing.
  8. Old thread, but I'm new; so...


    I've noticed spies all over the woods; just one of them here.

    Now I have no idea if these pics are in the order I clicked them or whether there are any duplications, omissions or simply the wrong pic; after all, I'm using Photobucket. These are just minor trophies and for most of my hunting career I had no digital camera. Otherwise please forgive all the space I've taken up. Thanks.