Gun Show at the Augusta Armory.

Discussion in 'Shows and Events' started by Dirigo, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. it SUCKED!!

    it was all muzzle loaders and SXS shotguns.
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    I think I found my answer!

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    I just got back from the Augusta show and would have to differ with Dirigo. I displayed both days, and admittedly, was on the fringe of what most vendors were showing, with bamboo flyrods and my guide service. I've found it's important to look at the organization that's hosting a show. The Ancient Ones are into muzzleloading and that's what most vendor's were showing. If it were hosted by a militaria club, I'd expect to see a bunch of Garands, Mausers and the like. I have to give them credit for a well organized and run event, and their prices to the vendors were very reasonable.

    Just mt .02 (adjusted for inflation),

  4. i didnt know it was supposed to be for muzzleloaders. if so i guess it was good, but that sorta thing just aint my bag
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    Yep. Ancient ones is a "living history" group, focused on pre-1800 frontier living, and hence, flintlocks. I did pick up some business, though, and their rate for a table was darned good, considering traffic. At this point, I'm just trying to get my business in front of as many people as possible, for the dollar. I did see a couple of flintlocks that I'd love to have, including a .62 SxS flintlock, with fast-twist barrels, that shot a 600grain conical over 250 grains of powder. It's the BP version of a .470NE! Gotta love that!