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Have you ever seen a bear take a moose calf?

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Go to :

Go into bear category and look for the moose pics.......then be ready to be disturbed.........
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Cool web site they have there. Too bad that one video with the bear eating the moose wasn't longer.
If you look around you can find all three segments...........
.............that calf was just out of luck when Mom didn't stick around to fight.
Oh man. That is cruel, but kind of cool too... :axe:
Sort of like watching that gazelle run with a cheetah on its false step and your dinner!!!!!!
That is the reality of life.
In order for one life to continue, other life must end.
Anybody got anything else?
Not quite on the topic but two years ago I thought I'd be the victim of a moose mauling. I had my flatlander brother-in-law up in the Haynesville woods fishing and while walking down the river we literally almost ran into a calf moose. While I was trying to wade the rapids in the river my BIL was trying to get pictures from about 15 feet away. I almost had to drag him into the river. When he said he didn't know what the big deal was because the mother was no where in sight. I simply told him that I'd like to keep it that way!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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