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Hear you can kill a moose in Canada for $500.00

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Buddy of mine just told me he saw an ad for a moose hunt in BC for 500.00 !!! Is that possible? Anybody know more.... and can we bring it back if we go.... meat is not "importable" here at the Houlton Border crossing. Why go if you can't keep that wonderful meat.
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Seems fishy, I have seen good hunts in NF for 2000 or so. But that is as low as I have seen it.
posiible maybe! about 4 years ago myself and 3 friends booked a hunt with an outfitter in quebec at the springfield sportsman show in massachusetts.$ 800 we told him we wanted to hunt bulls only with bows and he assured us of the tags. a month before the hunt we called to check in with him and he said he booked to many gun hunters and that we could only have 1 bull and1 cow tag. he assured us 4 bull tags at the show. 2 of us pulled out and luckily he sent back the deposits the other 2 went and came home empty only seeing one cow. the old bait and switch trick almost worked. sounds like a 500 moose hunt may be the same type of trick. just my two cents. strings
Thinking that way too..... but I'm waiting to see what the guides here can pull up for information.
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