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Well my clients, one man and two women, finished their Texas Trophy hunts that I was offering early this year, and although no World Records were shot, they did shoot and seen some really nice antelopes. The 3 hunts that I sold on this trophy ranch shot antelope scoring:
76 6/8
80 1/8
82 5/8

The one guy who tooked the 80 1/8 missed one estimated at 88 the first day. Two of them passed on bigger bucks the first day and ended up settling for little bit smaller bucks but still really good ones. The 82 5/8 was shot by one of the women 30 minutes into the first days hunt. They have had so much rain on the ranch that they could only utilize about 1/3 of the ranch and that had to be in a special off terrain vehicl as they couldn't get around in 4X4's. This is the same ranch that had a 19" come off of it by a family member.
The outfitter is still telling me that they are seeing a couple of bucks on this ranch that will push the world record.


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I'd like to see some pics Jim when you get em!
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