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My name is Jimmy Barnes and I was invited here by Steve. I live in Long Beach Mississippi with my wife Donna Ann & my stepson Joshua. I was borned and raised in Indiana and hunted there all my life but recently have fled the cold weather. I recently retired from a municiple Fire Dept. in Indiana at the rank of Captain and now along with Donna Ann run a hunting consultant / outdoor adventure booking agency. We book hunting trips all over the USA, Canada and Mexico utilizing some 37 outfitters we represent. We also book whitewater and horseback adventures. I have known Steve for some time now through mutual visits of other Foums and and will attest to his love of Maine and the outdoors. I hope this forum does great Steve and I will definitey try to contribute whatever I can to help. Oh yea, he has a cool Dad too. Hope everyone has fun here and makes this a great form that wil be beneficial not only to Maine hunters but to hunters everywhere.
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