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Hi All

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Well let me introduce myself, I’m Moose I live in Raleigh NC. I grew up in New England and lived for a while in the Presque Isle Me area. I still have family in that area so I travel back from time to time.
Hunting in NC is not bad, I hunt mostly deer, turkey, and water fowl. Hunting here is a bit different then New England most hunters form clubs and lease land. I’m in a couple of clubs one is on the border of VA in the middle of the state in Caswell County. The other one is in the center of the state in Orange County.
I surfed on to this site while searching for info on pronghorn hunting. Curiosity got to me how a Maine site popped up so here I’m here.
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Again, Welcome!
North Carolina is a nice place to be! But it's not Maine. I have a brother in Winston-Salem. I hope you find us an enjoyable place to visit and hang out.
Hi there Moose! Love the name.

I am stationed up here in Bangor Maine. Grew up in Bethel... (Sunday River)

Good to see you here.
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