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Hi everyone

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I'm new here and am just saying hello. My primary outdoor interests is hunting deer and I also spend alot of time shooting and reloading. 99.9% of my shooting is with bullets I've cast and I hunt with them as well. My primary hunting rifle is a Marlin 45-70, but I've recently had a 35 Whelen built on a Mauser action and expect that it will see alot of use this coming November. I also like to fish, snowmobile, and snowshoe. My wife and I have 3 grown children and recently learned we are expecting our 2nd grandchild. I think one of my obligations to them is to introduce them to the outdoors. We recently moved to a place on a lake and it's right smack dab in the woods to boot. It's heaven!!
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Maineboy, welcome to the site here. That's cool you cast your own bullets.

Congrats on the grandchildren. Make sure you get them out into the woods as much as you can as early as you can, even if they aren't near a firearm... just get them out there.

Welcome aboard! :D
Welcome to Maine Hunting Forums, Maineboy!

We have some great people here. You'll see that not a lot of people post but everyone reads us. If you have specific questions or needs though, everyone jumps in to help.

It sounds like heaven you've moved to and I'm envious. As Steve said, congrats on the GKids and git em out in the woods.
Welcome Maineboy!
Glad to have you here, I hope you enjoy the place.
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