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  1. Well, I have been sitting in a tree and on the ground for about ten hours total so far this year and I have seen several squirrel, a fox, a porcupine, and various birds. Lots of sign of deer but no deer. I generally get up around 3:00 a.m. to shower with specialized soap and shampoo, apply the scent free deodorant and get scent minimized. Even gave up that morning coffee due to the strong aroma, all clothing is washed in scent free soap and dried with dryer towels added to the dryer. I keep the cloths outside the night before I hunt, then I get up a ladder stand before sunrise, mechanically bleat and grunt when the going is slow, and it is always slow. Just does not seem to be a lot of deer out there. I changed locations a few times (orchards) and different locale with no results.

    Now with two days left and a low pressure front moving in I am starting to think about black powder or archery. Would like to fill that WMD zone 21 permit. If not there is always next year-(keep this quiet but I am thinking about hunting out of state where there is more deer per square mile.) I here Connecticut is good and although I have lived in Maine for twenty years (the wife is from Maine) I was originally from up-state New York. In a few weeks I will drive there to see my brother and father for the Holidays! In order to combat the boredom I will count the number of deer I see along the way. I usually see 10 from the Massachusetts border of NY near Albany to Binghamton, N. Y. along I-88. Its about a two hour drive. Funny thing is when I drive around in Maine I am always looking for deer as well, but rarely spot deer in the fields or along the road.

    As a result, I have come to these conclusions. As we know Maine was one of the first territories settled in the New World, consequently the deer herd in Maine has had constant hunting pressure for hundreds of years. This has led to a Darwinian effect. By this I mean that the deer that have survived over the years possess the genes that make them supremely coy and elusive (night movers and feeders, deer that generally do not stand out in fields, etc.). Additionally, the topography, rocky soil, and sparse farming of row crops are not optimal conditions for growing the herd. Throw in tough winter or two, rise in the coyote population, and we are down to a deer or two every ten square miles. With that kind of deer density you can spend a year in the woods and never cross paths. The kill ratios from Bangor north certainly reflect this 2 or 3 deer taken per year in most WMDs. The WMDs in the south top out at around 100 kills per year on average.

    With the effort of Heracles I have managed a few deer in Maine over the years, but I'm thinking it should be easier than this. More power to those of you who have filled your tags and manage to do so annually. A Maine deer should be separate category all by itself. If you regularly get a deer in Maine, that means something. How is that for an introduction?
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  2. Hey Robby

    First in my reply to your post I must say I would never give up my morning coffee, you can always brush with baking soda or something, but don't give up that coffee! I have friends who smoke, cough out loud, and they always seem to shoot deer no matter what. But I do agree with you on the scent of your breath, hair, clothes, etc. and I also do the same things you mentioned to cover up my scent also.
    Now, I don't know where you're driving around to spot deer in the fields, but I can tell you this much, ride around the countryside in districts 15 & 12 if you like seeing deer in fields. I just saw 2 with heads down feeding in a field on my way home from work on Wednesday just after legal shooting time ended but I have seen deer in fields during legal shooting this fall but usually too close to homes to consider a shot.
    I also think if Maine was a more wide spread agricultural state that the deer herd would boom. Take Ohio for instance, a herd of 500,000 and 200,000 deer harvested annually. Lots of farm land, corn, soy, food plots, a lot less dense forest than Maine has and the deer are more abundant because of those factors. It certainly is a challenge to hunt deer in Maine, you are right about that Robby.
    I have seen about 15 deer this season, including the deer I have seen while hunting in the Lewiston expanded archery zone. Either the deer were too small or presented no shot, or I saw them on way to my stand. I saw a doe with triplets in September. There are plenty of deer this year. Not seeing bucks but I have seen many rubs & scrapes. I have a friend who shot a one eyed deer which obviously suffered that injury from a major battle during the rut. It also had a shredded lop ear. Must have been one hell of a fight. 9 pointer 165 lbs.
    So Robby get out there til the last minute of the day tomorrow and good luck, I hope you fill your tag and maybe then you'll change your opinion about deer hunting in Maine. And yes, go muzzle loader hunting if you don't tag out, try still hunting instead of your tree stand. Good luck!!
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