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  1. I just went down to my local oil mans office, I signed a contract for prepaid oil to be delivered to my house. The contract covers (based on last years usage) 800 gallons of heating oil, to be automaticly delivered.
    Last year at this time I paid $1.65/gal. in a similar contract with the same co., This year the lock-in price is $2.44/gal..
    Do the math, that prepaid contract cost me nearly $2000.00, My checking account balance just went way down.
    It's a good thing I also burn wood (that I usualy get for free), or my oil bill would surely reach $3000.00.
    I think I need to take a second job. :(
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    Sucks big time LJ!!
    I shouldn't have been a math major when I went to school. No matter how I try to do the math with the increase in the cost of oil per barrel, factoring in inflation, I can't seem to quite get the numbers to justify the drastic increase in oil prices. I can only come to one conclusion. We are a bunch of idiots who don't realize that we are being hosed up the Kazzoo by oil companies.
    Gas is being processed the same GD way it was 20, 30 years ago. Factor in the inflation - and be real generous - it just don't figure.
    But, we'll keep on paying the price - at least for now.
    LJ, are you in a postion to burn more wood to reduce the amount of oil you use?

  3. I'm already burning 4-6 cord a year.
    The thing that is killing me is the laundry we do in this house, wich only increases during the winter months.
    Ten more years and both kids will be out of high school, maybe it will get better then.
  4. To heat this place in the Winter we burn 10-12 cords of wood easily. We still burn oil for our hot water but I can get wood already cut and split for $130/cord. Not bad when you are comparing it to oil.
  5. You have to be careful with those pre-buy programs, in the past some of the companies have chosen not to honor the agreed upon price and instead screwed the customers with higher prices than they were promised. Not saying it will happen just a word to the wise. Good Luck. :D