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Horned Doe

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A friend of mine was hunting with a buddy down on the coast this afternoon. The buddy shot a doe with 6" horns, in velvet. I asked for a pic.
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They are rare but exist. A few years back I shot a 6 point doe. I shot the deer and noticed the velvet. I told my buddy as we walked over to it "I bet its a doe." "ya right" he said. I had read that if you shoot a deer in November and it is in velvet, it is most likely a doe. Sure enough a quick flip over and the truth was shown. I will try to post a photo.

The "Velvet is also not really velvet, it is real hair folicals, that is why they keey it year round. A taxidermist told me that.
Thanks for the info on the velvet, Chris. I didn't know that. I'm hoping to see the head over the weekend.
I was so interested in seeing this doe that the hunter gave me the head and hide. So, what can I do with this? Any suggestions? I'll take pics when the sun comes up.
Jeremy, if you're hiding here online instead of in the bushes, she's tagged and legal. You know where I live if you need to see the tag. :rolleyes:

She has a big head. 150 lbs field dressed.

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Cool pic! Thanks and watch out over there in them alders. Someone might be watching.
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