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How big is a moose?

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I'll tell ya one thing since bagging my moose I got more friends then I ever knew. I have been invited to more cookouts in the past few weeks then I've ever been invited too. Of course they tell me to bring the steaks :roll: I guess I better kill a few deer too this year :D

In case anyone wonders, cause going into this hunt I did, I was able to fit my moose including the cape into 3 coolers. (The big fish coolers) minus a front shoulder that I gave to my brother. We boned out all the meat and ground a lot of it prior to packing it in coolers.

I still got some room so I guess I'll get busy on filling some of the six tags NC gives me for deer :wink:
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I would like to invite you to Maine Hunting Today's annual moose cookout. Eat moose until you can't any more. Oh and Moose you good ol' pal of mine make sure you bring along all your steaks. I'll bring the drinks... :lol: :lol: :lol:
I just so happen to be having a back yard roast at my house, the day before the Maine Hunting Todays' annual.
Your more than welcome to stop by on your way up to Maine.
Here are some directions....
Take 95 north to 90 east, get off at exit 9 and.... :D :D :D
Fire up the grills I'm on my way 8)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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