How did everyone do this year?

Discussion in 'Maine Deer Hunting' started by Djantti, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Just wondering how you all did out there? Success stories? One that got away?
  2. Guess I'll start. Scouted my butt off all pre season, got a 7pt 160lb buck opening day expanded archery out of a ground blind. 30 yard shot. He came walking along with another buck, I hit him a little low, followed his blood trail and bumped him.. Waited a couple hours and found him.
    I had a big 10 pt patterned and sat 7 mornings and 4 evenings but didn't see one deer during regular archery. Opening morning rifle got to my spot really early and sat, the big 10 point comes walking along 15 yards with head to the ground, no idea I was there. Only problem is its 7 min before legal shooting time.....he walked past me and got my wind and took off....
    Couple days later same spot grunted a spike horn in took him at 35 yards with the marlin .444, full freezer, good year!

  3. Great story bud...I had to sit out the season. Blew out my knee and was out of commission most of October...all of November and December. Literally could not walk from October to December. Crutches and canes all fall!
  4. Sorry to hear that that sounds painful! How's it doing now?
  5. I'm back to work...still lames up...but will have to work through it for a few more months. Looking to get a knee replacement ......hopefully in August. Ahead of regular hunting season.