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How far North?

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I have seen turkeys all the way up to Littleton and Monticello.... how much further North are they advancing. We are already in the hunt zone here in Houlton..... where to next?

:gitrdone: love this guy !!!!!
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AB, i saw a hen turkey in t-14 r-8 while guiding bear hunters this past fall. first one ive seen within the north maine woods holdings. strings
I have been seeing them in the Eustis area for three or four years now.
Sweet..... here they put some in "The Valley"
.... anybody got pics?

If this keeps up I am goining to have to start another Blog : Aroostook Turkey Talk
Kev I saw them up there too and I heard they were stocking them up there for the last 5 years from an old timer that enjoys his Allens. maby he is seeing double and its only been 2.5 years.
I have seen them up around Coburn Gore western Maine for several years.
They're supposed to be stocking them in the northern climes. With "Allens" who knows what he's seeing.
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