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This one has been around a while but I still get a chuckle out of it!
Jake was a guide you see and one day he took Robert from Marblehead, Taxachusettes out fishing. Well, Robert kept saying he wanted to go back into the woods somewhere where nobody fishes and catch some real native brook trout.
So Jake took Robert and they headed back in to Trout Brook - it was about an hours hike you see. They got to their destination and Robert couldn't get his line wet fast enough.
Robert was having a great time and after about 30 minutes, Jake heard a noise and looked up in time to see a big ole black bear come out of the thicket and was bee lining for them fresh trout Robert and Jake had just caught.
Jake yelled at Robert and said, "Run for your life!" Well, the two took off out through the woods but Robert was still carrying the fish you see and the bear was in hot pursuit.
As the bear began to narrow the gap, Robert said to Jake, "You can't outrun that bear!"
"I don't have to!" yelled Robert. "I only have to outrun you!"
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