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How many deer for "Lunch" ????

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Someone rang the "Dinner Bell".......and......out of the woods they came !!!! :grin: :grin:
Somewheres in Wisconsin USA :grin: :grin:

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Oh wow! :shock:

Take your pick. Venison burger, steak, you name it it's yours!
Holy Cow! Oh deer oh deer oh deer.
They are hard to count but I would guess there are at least 100 deer.

Here is Wisconsin's Regulations on "Feeding Deer"
With that snow so packed, that person should have spread the corn around more. I'm sure there are more pis where the deer are pawing the crap out of each other. There's no way they ate peacefully there for long. That is a lot of deer though! The most I've had come to feed in the winter was about 20. Some of the bucks are still carrying their headgear here.
Nice Picture !!!!!!!!

These fire lane numbers could likely be traced to the exact location.

Anyone from Wisconsin up for the challenge? :D
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