How many of you actually use your guide license?

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  1. I mean real working guides making part or all of thier living at it?

    I know of a painter (wildlife) who has a guide license to add credibility to his work but doesn't actually guide.
    I know a lot of newbies just got the license for ego purposes, but coudln't guide a dog to food!
    I guide every chance I get, which turns out to be nearly full time in the summer, part time in the fall, and even less in the winter.
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    Can't tell ya how much it'll be this year, since this is my first season up here, but in Virginia, it was 3-4 days a week in prime season, 1-2 days per week the rest of the time, except winter, when it was 1-2 days a month. Before that, in Florida, I could stay as busy as I wanted, especially in the early summer, but I had to guide around a real job.

    Hopefully Maine will be as good or better than Virginia for business.

  3. Just a couple of us here, I guess! Somehow I thought there were more of us visiting this site.
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    Naw, we're just loud enough that we sound like more than just two!
  5. I guide when I can. I usually take about 15 bear hunters a year and 3-4 turkeys hunters in the spring. I do a bit of guiding in SC, but it just a hobby for me.
  6. Use the license

    Not much of a response on this issue - eh?

    Bob Brown
    Hidden Paddle Guide Service
  7. Hey Bob!Do you have a website? Where are you at? What do you guide for and where?

    Good to have you here.
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    Yeah, Bob! Welcome aboard. Don't be shy if you have a website. You can put a link in your signature. We're not afraid of that. As a matter of fact, we encourage it. We feel that we ain't everthing for everybody and if they land here and find a better place to go, then have a good time.

  9. I'm guiding bear hunters right now but will also be guiding deer and moose hunters next year.
  10. Hi Bruce! Where are you guiding bear right now?
    Where are you located?