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How popular is tracking?

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How many of you track during gun season and how many people as a whole do it up there? Anyone have luck/stories that they'd like to share? Do you guys have any trouble reading the tracks in terms of when they were made?
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I rely on tracking probably 50% of the time I am hunting. The pictures you saw in my article are all tracked deer.
I have spent the largest portion of my hunting years tracking. I never had what it took to sit or stand and wait. I mostly still hunt and track - snow or not.
As I get older and a terrible back, I sit more than ever before but I love to track.

I also must say I like JPs article about tracking. I found myself standing there doing just about exactly what he said. Thanks JP

John Porter,

You mentioned that you track 50% of the time. How much success have you had tracking and do you know of a lot of guys that do it?

I'm probably coming up this Nov. and I will consider my week a success if I could just get on one decent track. If I don't get a buck, that's fine. I just want to experience being on the track.
I don't measure my tracking in a percentage at all. I may get on 6 different tracks a week and only make contact with one animal. It may be human error or just another animal blows out on me and takes the buck with it. The big 8 pointer in my article for example, only played for 15 minutes before I had it in my peep sights. This year I tracked and jumped the same buck 4 times before I was able to put a round in it. I like to think that I am like a coyote in the wild, a deers brain isn't able to handle much stress and awareness before it wears down. This is how I get a majority of my bucks, I pester the heck out of it until it just abouts surrenders then it is prone to make mistakes. Like the article mentions--read the track and know what the buck is doing, one must know when to run and when to slow down. This only comes with experience and with experience comes mistakes. Take those mistakes,analize them and it will make you a well rounded hunter.
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Thanks for the reply. Everything that you said makes a lot of sense. I've also read everthing you said in the Benoits books and heard it on their videos. Thanks again.
To me its the only way to hunt! In the area I hunt we have snow most of the season. I think about 60 to 70 % of the locals track also. The 1st 2 weeks of the seaon its like being in Vermont (green plates every where). They all track and do take some nice deer back with them. Theres nothing like the challenge of tracking down one of those smashers! Bigbuck 200 If you have never tracked before don't be afraid to try tracking some smaller bucks, like they say experience helps. I take buck tracks that I know I probably won't shoot but its all about the challege and tring to out smart him.
I've tried tracking here, but it's very difficult because the bucks and does are similar in weight. I have trouble distinguishing them apart. Also, with our larger deer pop., one set of tracks leads into another, then another, then 10 other sets, and I find myself thoroughly confused! We just don't have the really big woods either. Our big woods would probably be like you hunting near Portland!
i have been tracking for 10 yrs, now.. did not have alot of success until i read the benoits book and talked to them... no deer down yet but this is the year i feel, jave 3 weeks off in november to hunt the big woods... mfm
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