Howdy, its been awhile

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  1. Hi all,
    Haven't checked in lately. Been out of the office the last several weeks working on a highway survey for the NJDOT. I don't know if any of you have had the privilege of driving the NJ turnpike, but I get to do it every day. From the south end to up past lower Manhatten and onto the Garden State Parkway. My work is located across the Raritan Bay from Staten Island and Brooklyn in Aberdeen Township. What a delight getting to and from the jobsite. Oh well, you do what you have to do to feed the family. Its been hovering in the low ninties temperature wise around here and hunting season seems an eternity away. guess I'll have to work on building some tree stands and the like to try and satisfy my desire to go hunting....there's always target shooting too. Might go do some tuna fishing off the coast of Jersey soon, that's always a blast (especially if you catch some!!). Nothing better on the grill than fresh caqught tuna (well, almost nothing). Not much else to report. The family is fine, as I hope is the case with all of you. ('cept for my youngest (9) fell on a treadmill last night and sanded half his cheek off, bloodied his nose and knocked his front teeth loose. The stupid thing kept running after he fell and acted like a belt sander....beware of those darn treadmills!). He only lost the top layer or two of skin, so he'll be fine in a week or two. I'll be on that job for awhile longer so don't know when I'll be back in. I'll stop in again then. Take care all, Mark (in NJ )
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    I know what you mean Mark, I don't get here as much as I would like myself. Glad to see you made it this time though. It has been a while for me too.

  3. Hey guys,

    I don't get here as often as I would like either. :D