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Huge Fisher!

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Sunday caught a 13 lb. fisher, then today's check caught another big male...11lbs.
Cold weather seems to have them moving!

Anyone else trapping this year?
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Congradulations.That a nice sized fisher.I've caught 4 myself this year.First year trapping them.I caught a 14 pound male in a 160 on a running pole.He never even wiggled.Died laying right on the running pole.Those 160's are sure death on fisher.
  1. cap'n i trapped a 18.5 lb male fisher down in new hampshire a few years back. the poor guys head was riddled with porky quills i think i did that poor sob a favor. got a pic somewhere see if i can find it. strings
18 1/2 lbs. That's one big fisher. New Hampshire seems to have some bigger ones for some reason.
What are you doing with your squirrels. Looking for some tails for flies. Give you a quarter each.....
I just got photos back but no digi's. Besides, I'm not sure how to put them on this forum.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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