Hunt camp broken into

Discussion in 'Welcome Mat and Lounge' started by Moose, May 17, 2004.

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    Seems like this happens too much. I went out to a new lease we have to cut the grass around the clubhouse and discovered that someone had broken in. They busted just about every window out and kicked in most of the doors. They didn’t take anything but they busted things up and overturned furniture etc. One of the other clubs I’m in we invested in a alarm system that is 12 volt so we could use solar power. So far that has discouraged the turds from breaking in. May have to do something like that at the new place. Anyone ever use a game camera to try to catch someone? I wonder how that would work?
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    Game camera may not be a bad idea Moose although I have never tried it. Our hunting camp has been broken into several times as well. We have caught some of them most we haven't.
    We now have a couple of state police and district game warden checking on the place often and that has helped some. It helps too that one of the troopers is my brother-in-law, one comes to hunting camp with us in the fall and the warden's son spends a couple of nights with us as well. The boy is only 11.
    Turds is a nice name for such scum.