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Hunters for the Hungry

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Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Hunters for the Hungry program or the participating food pantries. I called the toll free number to get some info, and was told basically that the animal is taken to an approved processing facility, and is distributed from there. Also, I was told that there is no charge to the hunter for the butchering. I don't really know what more info a person needs, just curious if anyone has participated in the program, and what was their experience?
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I participated in the program here in PA this past season. There was a $15.00 charge to help offset the cost to the butcher. This was well worth it to me considering I am giving the meat to people who need it much more than I do. In return they give me a slip saying that I donated. I am going to donate a deer per year from now on just because it feels like the right thing for a hunter to do. It may make some non-hunters look at us a little differently.
I work at an inner city mental health day program and we feed lunch everyday. We've gotten some of the burger from HFH and its great. Here in NC they ask you to also donate some cash to offset the cost of the processing. I've never donated through them, I know enough needy families that I give to them direct. We can take 6 deer here so after I get 2 or 3 I usally give the rest away.
I give all my deer from October and November to the HFTH. Depending on where you are some butchers ask for a small donation. Many times I just cut it up myself and call the local churches. They will have a list of the needed if you don't want to bring it out of town.
In Maine we have the DEERME program........HFTH has not really caught on up here.
In PA it's called Hunters Sharing the Harvest. You can donate part of a deer or the whole thing.

Just thought I would list it as Hunters for the Hungry, because it is more recognized than DEERME. 8) I have talked to the people at DEERME, and with any luck will be helping out this fall.

Thank all for the replies.
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