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Discussion in 'Maine Hunting' started by sremington, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. Hello and welcome. Please use this forum for your general hunting discussions. If you are going to talk specifically about deer, moose, or turkey please keep in mind of our other forums dedicated to that specific form of hunting.

    Thanks :D
  2. This Forum lends itself to general hunting topics......guns/bows and general knowledge.

  3. i want to know if ya''all spend as much time in the wood's as i do hunting and what animal is there favorite to hunt...not just deer,coyotes ,moose ,but everything in general.i never see many people hunting let's say in the winter as people say (when its really cold ) am i the only nut out there ? :givebeer: while you answer this one
  4. I love to hunt year round. However unlike you I hate the cold. I go to places where I can hunt and not freeze my tosh off. My year looks like

    Jan- Rabbits
    Feb- hogs in SC
    March- Rabbits
    April- Turkey in SC
    May- Turkey here
    June- Bear in NB
    July- sharks here
    Aug- Deer in SC (Aug 15 is opening day)
    September- ME bear, ME Deer
    Oct- ME deer, NH bear,
    November- ME Deer, TX deer, Onterio deer - mabey
    December- SC deer with the boy after christmas.
  5. I unlike my partner love hunting in the cold weather Saskatchewan,New Brunswick anywhere the deer could weigh in over 300lbs I am there. I will say hunting down south is quite an adventure with plenty of game to be had! Down South is special to us we have some great friends down there and some of the best hunting you will find anywhere.Chris and I are very lucky that we have some really good places to go and bring our boys . Either way no matter where the season takes us or what region we hunt it's the experiances we take back with us that make it all worth wild.
    Hunts for this season if things go right
    Jan- Shed hunting
    Feb- hogs in SC / shed hunting
    April- Turkey in SC / Geogia
    May- Turkey ME / NH / NY
    June- Bear in NB
    July- sharks / Stripers
    Aug- Deer in SC (Aug 15 is opening day)
    September- ME bear, ME Deer / NHdeer
    Oct- ME deer, NH bear, NH Deer / I hope Moose
    November- ME Deer, TX deer, Onterio deer / Iowa Deer
    December- SC deer with my boy and Wife
  6. What evvver Nate. I didn't here you complain when we booked the trip to TX, you must be getting tempature sensitive in your old age.LOL You know if we can find snow I will be right with ya.... I will need someone to drag.