Hunting land Hollis, Limington, Standish?

Discussion in 'Maine Deer Hunting' started by Joe, Nov 10, 2015.

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    Looking for some info on Hunting land near Hollis, Limington, Standish or beyond moved to Maine from up state New York where i was an avid archery and rifle hunter. not sure if there is any public hunting land or (state land) in the area, any insight will be helpful, Thanks!
  2. Look online for Prentiss and Carlisle maps.........they show logging lands. This land is usually open to hunting. Just stay away from where they are actively cutting!!
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  3. Check out the Massabesic Experimental Forest in Waterboro. Big chunk of public ground with some big deer running in there. I hunted it for ten years. You'll have it almost all to yourself during archery season. There is pressure during firearms season but it's not at all what I would consider crowded, far from it. Get in there and explore. I can help with details, just ask.