Hunting/Recreation Guide Exam

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  1. I am scheduled for the exam on 16 May. I did just attended Hal Bloods guide school but was seeking any advice about the board/exam that anyone might have.


  2. Good luck......and try to relax before you go'll think clearer!!!
  3. Know how to use a map and compass.;) It's best to use your compass as a protractor and not orient your map just add for declination it will keep your bearing numbers (azimuths) alot more accurate. goodluck
  4. Thanks for the advice. Just learned the compass /protractor/declination method. Previously was Army for 21 yrs and navigation was much different. Feel pretty good about the brunton way. Hoping I can apply enough logic to the lost person scenario.
    Thanks again
  5. Well I failed map/compass and oral, but passed catastrophic event and written.
    Then I went to the "Western Montana School for Guides" and traveled out West.

    Arrived back in Maine on August 4th and retook exam yesterday. Studied my ass off and smoked it! Feels good to pass and they sure don't just give it to you.
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  6. Congrats.......yes now you have to earn that license!!
  7. Congrats no they don't just pass them out of course they did on the master guides rockers a few years back, Pay your 100:00 dollars and you were a "MASTER MAINE GUIDE" Sorry guys but I thought that was a bunch of hooey when the state pulled that one on us, when we paid for our applications back then it was for two tries and the masters rocker "if you passed the exams" well that didn't last, now there are a bunch of so-called master guides because we paid our hundred and passed an easy written just my personal thoughts
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  8. I feel that the catastrophic,Lost person scenarios the hardest so you had already pasted the hardest part the stay cool advise is probably some of the best advise I remember going in and coming out soaked with sweat but with my license, if you know your business no need to panic I sure you figured that out the second time. Now have a good time in the Maine woods and never think there isn't something that someone can teach you, I always look towards the old guides for advise but you cant beat time time time in the woods.