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Hunting Seasons???

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Many deer hunting seasons are winding down and some haven't yet begun. When is yours? If it has already come and gone, were you successful? Show me a picture!
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Hunting Season

Yeah I am headed north come Thursday am real early. Will be in Maine for a while doing some hunting and visiting family and friends
Looking forward to seeing you again Kenton6. :D
I am counting the hours!!!
We just have a bow only season that goes through all of October, then a 1 week break and then a general seaon that goes from Nov. to the beginnning of January. We can use bow throughout the entire time. I didn't even get a chance this season to get out but 2 times and I saw nothing. Its reallya drag to go deer hunting for whitetails when its 90 degrees outside. It just not cold enough yet. Just recently I have started to see more movement, so hopefully things will pick up in November.
I can't even imagine hunting in 90 degree weather. I usually hunt with gloves on to keep my fingers warm so I can pull the trigger. There have been abnormally warmer days where I put them in my back pocket but 90 degrees is just crazy!
I'm in the same boat as Curtis, been in the 90s forever and finally has cooled to the middle 80s. Ms season opened Oct. 1st for bow but who wants to hunt in the 90s.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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