Hunting Squirrels with a Fiest!

Discussion in 'Maine Hunting' started by SJ, Aug 7, 2004.

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    Met a guy the other day who is a breeder of hunting and show trials Fiests. He has won some Championships, best of show and some field trials but I am really not up on my Fiest Squirrel Dog information so I can't tell you which ones he has won. Just thought I would pass on the contact info for all the Fiest lovers out there. He is also looking to start taking some clients squirrel hunting with his great kennel of dogs. If your looking for a Fiest with great bloodlines or have been thinking about getting a Fiest and start squirrel hunting with them or just want someone to take you on a fun and exciting squirrel hunt with top quality Fiests then give him a call.

    Rotten Bayou Kennels
    Home of "Rotten Bayou Buddy"

    Harry or Fletcher Ladner
    Pass Christian, MS. 39571
  2. The best squirrel dog I ever saw was my boyhood pet dachshund. That dog was ruthless on squirrel. If she got the idea that a squirrel was in a particular tree, you had to either pick her up bodily and walk away, or she had to get wind of another squirrel.

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    Us northerners in general are completely ignorant when it comes to squirrel hunting. We only look at a squirrel as a rodent pest that annoys the heck out of us when we hunt deer. I've tasted squirrel either. My neighbor here in Florida grew up on squirrel in northern Florida. He says it's great although he doesn't have much desire for it anymore.