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  1. Hunters should get up off their A** and walk. ATVs are noisy and destructive.

  2. ATVs are a waste of time (imo). The only use I can think of maybe, would be retrieving your game from the woods. Since I always drag my deer to a road I would have no use for it deer hunting.
    I have been pointing out to my hunting partner for years, that you rarely see deer in a truck with an ATV in tow. Coincidence? I think not.
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    I got an ATV earlier this year, I've yet to use it while hunting. I use it while working on food plots, clearing trails, setting up stands etc. I can never see a day when I ride it to and from a stand to hunt. You can bet when I kill one if its in an area where I can use an ATV to take it out you can bet I will. I've dragged many of deer out and I suspect I'll drag a few more out but I'll work smarter not harder.
  4. Some of us who have bad knees, ankles, etc., depend on things like ATVs to get us out there to hunt. "Gett off our lazy butts", If only we were so F****** lucky. ATVs are a great way for some of us to even be able to get out and enjoy the woods.
    Where did you say you hunt? :evil:
  5. If you have a disability, then I have no problem with the use of an ATV. However, my expenrience with ATV riders is very poor. Considering the fact that most hunters don't venture lees than a quarter mile into the woods, there is no real need for an ATV, unless as you claim, you have a disability.
  6. It is true that most hunters don't venture far........I used to Guide, so I know how most hunters are. I like to get back in there, so the only way is with an ATV. Then venture from that as far as I can depending on how body parts feel that day. Then sit and hunt. Most times calling coyotes. Now it will be calling for deer and coyotes.
    I know what you mean by ATV damage, I see it all the time. Crotch rockets and young people with no respect for peoples lands. I like the tred lightly Idea. I also see people with Pickups doing more damage in those areas Than an atv can do. Ripping threw the mudholes....back and forth, then the atvs get the blame. I even took pictures of trucks doing the damage one time when the landowner was saying the atvs were doing it. He then went after the pickups. Blocked those areas so the trucks couldn't get in, but left room for atvs. A good thing. Now only atvs and horses and bikes are allowed in this area. You can't blame it all on atvs. People using atvs have to monitor the area and report others who destroy the land and ruin it for us who try not to.
  7. I am not opposed to people using them if they are disabled or are enjured in some way. More power to them.

    I just don't like to see able bodied people resorting to ATV's simply because they are lazy. :D
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    OK, my turn on the soapbox. ATV riders are as diverse as any other group, with responsible citizens and A@# Scratchin' Morons. I personally don't use one, but that's just me. It's like anything else, it's how you use it. I've dropped deer hell and gone from the nearest road and have had gracious individuals with ATV's offer to skid it out for me. I've also had to dive off the trail when a rider wouldn't swerve or slow down. You can't lump ATV users as a group and hold the responsible users liable for the action of A*#@oles. I've met some of the nicest people on a 4-wheeler and I've met some that the filter on the gene pool somehow missed.

    Just remember, it's legal and allowed in most areas. Judge on an individual basis, the actions and attitudes of ATV'ers.

    Kevin Little
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