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Anyone heard about this? Some entity (with political ties and $$$ ties to upper management at BIW) has been quietly buying up a strip of land through maine for an express-lane snowmobile Zip through Maine. They are also planning a pile of time share/condos (known as huts, yeah right!)so the rich yuppies can stay overnight during their high class "Booze Cruize" tour through Maine's wilderness.

I have been hearing that there is a commission to attempt not to offend traditional users of this strip, ie; hunters, trappers & such, but they are already talking a "safety zone" so that the wealthy don't have to see any dead or dying animals.

It is all so FAKE & full of lies, I just can't stand it. We should have closed our borders ten years ago!
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I've not heard of anything of this kind, Jack. :x

If what you are saying is true and they are taking the approach you indicated that it is nothing more than elitists, country club thing, this would not be good for Maine or anybody.

The bottom line is we can't stop people from buying land. Providing they stay within state and local guidelines and ordinances, etc., what can we do?

As much as I hate to sound like an ole poop, I think this is the way of the future in Maine and America.

This is one place I have read about this, Tom. This may give you more information and lead you to a bit more.
I am sure they are trying to keep this quiet but if I know you guys, you'll tear a hole in it and let us know what you find...
Registries of Deeds, tax maps and transfer tax documents are open to the public. If you know the name of the buyer/entity you can easily find recorded deeds. Knowing the year of transfer is helpful but not absolutely necessary. Someone in registry will get you started if you need help. Unless there have been changes since I work in the Penobscot county registry - Reg of Deeds is in the county seat except Aroostook which has/had two offices. Tax maps are usually done at the town level. Transfer tax papers go to Augusta first then the town. Copies of deeds are sent to town municipal offices as quickly as the registry employees can get them done. It's fairly easy to follow the paper trail.

There's nothing we can do about this but we can at least know who's buying up the land.
Allright! I'm on it. If anyone has anything even a rumored name or a piece of land they think the person(s), group, organization, corporation, etc. has bought, please post it here. What you think is worthless could become valuable.
Well, I've sent out feelers to all my contacts who might know anything. This includes but not limited to land surveyors, head of the Maine Snowmobile Assoc. a representative of the Maine Department of Homeland Security - this was twofold as I'm trying to find out more about these laptop computers for Maine's Game Wardens.

So, if anyone answers their emails, I'll see where this takes me.

Still looking for leads from anyone else as well.
I heard on the news this morning that Roxanne Quimby just purchased another 25,000 acres in northern Maine. Anybody else hear this report?
Someone needs to win the Powerball and buy up her entrance... then close it down and not let her in! Matter of fact someone should buy all the way around her and invite every hunter in the country to come hunting. HAH! That would fix her.
First off, go over to the Black Bear Blog and read my post about the 25,000 acre purchase.

On to the Huts & trails issue.

This is what I have found. Is this it or not? You tell me.
The Western Mountains Foundation of which I believe was founded by Larry Warren is part of Huts and Trails. Here's the website link.

Maine Huts and Trails is about people power not snowmobiling.
After a long day’s adventure on the trail or the water, imagine finding overnight comfort in one of several huts located at comfortable distances along the trail. Whether hiking, snowshoeing, paddling or skiing, guests of the huts will enjoy a warm shelter, hot meals and a friendly staff. Designed to accommodate 35 to 40 guests, the huts will be energy- efficient and will encourage visitors to employ Leave No Trace™ practices to manage impacts along the trail.

They’re yours to appreciate in your own way, in your own time.
This is also about their trails.
Traveling the 180-mile trail from Moosehead to the Mahoosucs, one encounters a uniquely Maine system offering access to lakes, rivers and forest trails to satisfy all ages and abilities

Traverse the Bigelow Range by snowshoe
Spot Moose along the shore of Flagstaff lake
Fish for trout in Poplar stream
Canoe hut-to-hut along Indian Pond
Ski for miles in the Maine backcountry along freshly groomed XC ski trails.
And their mission statement.
• Create a resource of national significance for our state and region.
• Provide opportunities for environmental and experiential education.
• Enhance opportunities for people-powered outdoor recreation.
• Stimulate environmentally sensitive economic development opportunities within Western Maine.
• Instill an environmental stewardship and conservation ethic within our communities and residents.
• Provide perpetual year-round public access to remote and special areas along the trail corridor.
Here is the connection perhaps that Jack mentioned pertaining to BIW.
Jon Fitzgerald
VP and General Counsel
Bath Iron Works
Jon sits on the board for the Western Mountains Foundation. I would say by looking down through the list of board members there certainly appears to be some pretty well to do and influential people sitting on a board overseeing kind of an "exclusive" group.

At this point in time, I see nowhere where this effort is limiting participation.

The head of the SledMe Association knew nothing of any proposed snowmobile trail. This was the only thing she could direct me to.

I'll keep my eyes and ears open though and hope you guys will too.
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Well Tom, THAT certainly looks almost harmless but I just can't get my head around it.

Huts "with staff"? Sounds like HOTEL or CONDO with servants to me.
35 to 40 people? That is NOT a "HUT". That is a substantial building! And at todays building material and land prices, you are talking a quarter to a half million EACH!
Somebody has to be making lots of money as nobody will spend that kind of money and not expect a whole lot in return.

I could be wrong and I certainly hope I am. It all just looks like a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Think about it!
I agree Jack. Look at who sits on that board and I think that will pretty much answer most questions as to what is being created.

When I said that I saw nowhere limiting participation, I don't. Unlike an exclusive country club that sets certain standards, of course non-discriminitory, to get it, this one doesn't have to.

The huts being what they are described, pretty much excludes certain middle class and lower income people.....umm, er..... ah, ah most of Maine?

If their long range goals, not stated and I am only surmising, are to purchase the land on which these trails sit, then they could completely achieve exclusivity buy charging whatever was necessary to keep out the rift raft.

Keep and eye open and see if this group intends to connect their trails up with land owned by Roxanne Quimby. That would probably be phase three.
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