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I dont do well with change

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I worked at T/C for some time in production to management and always felt a part of them even after leaving. They are a great bunch of people down there and Greg Ritz is as down to earth as anyone can be and I hate to see them change. Some say change is good, I donno. my two cents!!

Thompson Center Debuts Bolt Rifle Lineup:
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S&W is a discrace, they are sell outs and only concerned with $$$ not protecting the 2nd amendment. Too bad T/C is now in that group.
Capitalism is great, but when morals are placed behind dollars you are heading down the wrong path. Barrett firearms has refused to sell or service rifles belonging to the state of California because of their ban on 50 cals.

Google, yahoo and others also ascribe to the theory that money is more important than morals by collaborating with the Chinese government to censor the internet and round members of pro-democracy groups over there, is that acceptable? They say it is because they get $$$. I don't think it is, the same goes for S&W.
For those of you who don't know what I am talking about follow this link:
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