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I found one!

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He aint the biggest buck in Maine, but he'll fill the freezer nicely.
162# eight point with a kicker below the left brow tine.
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He looks like a nice, nice deer. Looks healthy as heck from what I can tell. Congrats there LJ did ja hit him with that there carbine of yours?
Here's a link to my story, at Maine Hunting Today.
Enjoy. :D Camp/aint_life_great.html
Hey John.....nice buck. Do you shoot an -06 or 308? Molunkus is in my backyard...nice deer up here.

crap, well it was 50/50, i just figured i'd look smart if i got it right :D
The Raven is chambered in .308, this was its first hunt. The rifle I used before this one was a Rem. 7600 in 35 whelen, I just retired that one after I had the Benoit family autograph the stock.
I have used everything from a thirty-thirty to a 50BMG. I love an -06...and the 308 comes a very close second.
But that was when I would kill my deer out to 250- 300 yards.
Now I prefer the 25 yards or less range...that's the real challenge in my deer hunting. I transitioned from rifles to handguns to the bow. But it's all about the love to hunt no matter how you equip yourself.
That's a nice buck LJ. Congrats.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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