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I Got Drawn!!!!

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:D I can't believe I got drawn. I had 7 bonus points and I just paid for 10 more. Got my first choice Zone 3 Bull Oct season. I'm so excited I'm beside myself.
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Hey that is awesome!! :D
Congrats moose! I also have Zone 3 for October only it is antlerless. Getting ready to go do a bit of scouting. I will let you know if I see much for bull's. Do you have a guide picked out or are you not using one? Moosetowner
Hi Moosetowner and welcome aboard. Great to see a moose hunters here. I see you are from Allagash... :D Lots of moose out your way!!
Is that the Jackman area? Because I've seen tons of moose there in October.
It is the whole NNE (top right corner of the state of Maine. Basically, Van Buren, some of Route 11, Madawaska, Caribou areas. We are going to Grand Isle- out behind a brocolli field.. Lots of moose there- but I am not too familiar with the area myself. My father worked that area for a few years and says it will be great, but he is not doing any scouting or anything. We are going to check out a few places along Route 11 in the next week or two. The hunt is sure coming fast! We will know by the outcome of the first week how it will go. Let you all know too! I had a pretty good day yesterday- started off by winning $40. on a scratch ticket, got my tag in the mail, was gifted with a new gun (270) and had avery successful baby shower (But I won't get into that!!). NOw, let's hope I can get a moose!!!

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It's a shoo-in!!!
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