I pulled a cow permit?

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  1. Hi

    I'm new here. After being in the lottery since it started I finally pulled a cow tag for the November hunt in Unit 19. Anyone out there willing to give me advice on an Outfitter good to use or one to stay away from would be appreciated. You can PM me if you like.

  2. Moved this to the Moose area. Let's help this guy out......any outfitters in and around 19!!

  3. Working on it Bassah.

    And congrats bmk. Big fun!
  4. I am not an outfitter but I can put you on a moose in a heat beat.. Get in contact with me and i can get you started. I live in this zone and see a lot of moose every year.. I see quite a few of them all year long.. I will be more than happy to help you out.. I even had a cow with a yearling bull and a yearling cow walk right threw my turkey decoys this spring.. That made this year's turkey hunting a season to remember!! So yes I would be more than happy to help you fill your tag if you wish..

    If your mind is 100% set on an out fitter let me know as well as I can do some checking into for you to see who may or may not be booked up right now..
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  5. I have not heard anything if you have found an out fitter or not.. The wife and I was taking a drive out to have something to eat this evening and saw a big cow out in a bog. I hope you have some great success on your hunting trip..
  6. Phil, I was hoping you would be able to chime in. bmk is in luck!

    - Jay
  7. That is not a problem Jay, I will wait and see if he responds.. I did send him a pm to see if he still needed some help or not.. I am not on here all that much but, do see a lot of moose every year in this zone.. So hopefully he will let me hear something one way or another..

    I wish I would of tried to get permission to set my trail cam back out in one of those skidder trails again. Then I really could show some moose off..
  8. I still have not received any thing back from him.. So I am not sure if he is away on a scouting trip or something..

    Hopefully if he has not found one he will let me know.. I do know a out fitter in Grand Lake that maybe of help if he is not all booked up. As most know it falls on our whitetail hunting as well. So the sooner he lets me know the sooner I can try and be of help to him..
  9. Hi all I booked with Matt Whitegiver of Eagle Mountain. I hope to go up a week before to bird hunt and do a little scouting.