I pulled a cow permit?

Discussion in 'Maine Moose Hunting' started by bmk0319@aol.com, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. Well good luck to you November will be a different type of hunt. But if this guide is any good you should have one without any problem.. I was going to suggest Laney"s Guide Service out of Grand Lake Stream which located right in excellent moose territory in the zone.. I have nothing to say about the guides you have gotten as I never heard tell of them.. Again though good luck to you on you hunt..
  2. While I do not know this guide.. I just drove by where he has his set up at earlier today while heading to Bangor.. That place the Wilderness lodge was a good old stomping ground for many of us in this area.. There used to be dances and everything there.. It brought back a lot of old memories.. lol.. Where he is located at I have seen a good many cows and bulls cross the road on the straight stretch just up above him. You should do pretty good in that area but, keep in mind no matter how much scouting you will be doing leave most of it up to your guide.. As hunting moose in November is a completely different game.. Mostly keep an eye in those 2 year old cuttings and you should do good.