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I went out Friday afternoonat 4, only a 5minute walk behind the house. I was in the stand just long enough to get my gloves on and knock an arrow, when a doe shows up in the junipers under the powerlines. She made her way around behind me, into the woods, then to the base of my stick ladder. She sniffed up & down the ladder then proceeded to jump the fence into the pasture infront of and below me. Then she made her way accross the pasture back into the woods where she had come from.

At about 5:55 or so, Big Ten shows up at the far corner, outside the pasture fence and just observes everything all the way back to the barn and paddock where my horse is feeding.
He works along the fence a bit, then turns to go around the thicket and onto the trail that will bring him close to under my stand. I check the pasture after a few minutes of watching him feed, to help calm me down, and I see the older much larger bodied buck out there feeding. This is only the second time I have seen the Gray Ghost, and he dwarfs the Big Ten in body size.
I notice that Big Ten is heading away so I tip the can call (bleat-n-heat) and he turns back towards my position again. At this point my heart gets into that slow, pounding rythm as well as pressure filling my ears and I try to shake it by closing my eyes and taking deep breaths. Then I remember I'm 30 feet or so off the ground and realize closing my eyes is not a good idea!

At about 6:10 and after watching him for what seems like forever, I scan the area for the Ghost and notice he is off to my left, beyond the junipers at about 50 yards and feeding calmly. Then Big Ten noses up to the fence and hops over the five foot high obstuction like you of I would hop over a branch in the trail. Nose down and feeding on the clover, he is facing my stand and presents no shot. But I don't have to wait long before he takes a few more steps and turns perfectly broadside. This is where hours of practice is suppose to pay off and the bow string draws like a low pressure bungie cord. I settle in and . . .

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ONly you would do it in two parts Jack! So Off I go.
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